Our Technology is a proprietary lab-on-chip technology clinically validated and patented for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) assesment

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Disposableunder $0.30 per chip

  • Multiple use, patent pending, microfluidic platform technology
  • Successful proof of concept clinical trial completed
  • 510 (k) pre-market FDA submission plans – accelerated regulatory pathway

Clinical Trial Validation

Lab equivalent results available at point-of-care

The UAL-Chip measurements agree with the lab measurements.

Patient Journey

Data Collection

Sign Up

Name, age, gender, email, mobile #
Current HCP info, purpose
Social (FB) genetic (23&Me)
Encrypted via secure data platform
HIPAA compliant


Risk & symptom survey
DX data, treatment plan
Previous Rx data
Longitudinal tracking

Device Data

Device output
Phone sensor data
3rd party app data


Behavioral info
Scheduled survey responses

Smartphone Experience